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The Mason’s Keep Super Souper Bowl - Masons Keepe Blog

The Mason’s Keep Super Souper Bowl

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Soup vs. soup. A Battle of the Soups. Soup off. Soup-urday night live. (Not all soup puns are good puns.) 

The Souper Bowl is an event where retail stores pair up with local restaurants and serve soup to promote their businesses to coincide with the Super Bowl. February is historically bad for retail, so The Souper Bowl is a fun event to bring in more people to shop. 

This is an annual soup competition that began in 2014 and is a classic First Friday event. Ever since the city originated first Friday events, community members have enjoyed music in the streets, themed festivals, and food tastings. 

“First Friday Souper Bowl” lets participants sample soups as they shop and vote for their favorites in a lighthearted competition. Purchase a $12 tasting pass in order to taste all of the competitors' soups and vote on your favorites! 

This year, make the Souper Bowl the start of a successful year of celebration. 

The next annual “First Friday Souper Bowl” takes place on February 3rd from 6 pm – 9 pm. Located at Historic Downtown Manassas, located at 9431 West St. Manassas, VA 20110.

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